Fees explanation:

  • Per race: one single competition/race entry
  • Per event packages: separate for WCOC and COC: includes all entries for one event total of 4 (Model/warm-up event, Sprint, Middle, Long) or CROF package includes every event.

Registration categories explanation:

  • WCOC: Western Canadian Orienteering Championships in Alberta, near Calgary/ Canmore. Open for everyone all levels are welcome
  • COC: Canadian Orienteering Championships in BC, near Kimberly. Open for everyone all levels are welcome.
  • CROF event package: includes all events for WCOC and COC plus two Crowsnest Barebones and HPP fundraiser relay. All events total of 11 (Model events, Sprint, Middle, Long, 2 Barebones events in Crowsnest and HP relay)
  • Junior Fees: 20 years of age and younger
  • HPP fees: discount for Canadian HPP athletes at the Junior Fee rate.
  • HPP relay: This is a fun event, open for everyone and it is a fundraiser for the HPP program. Teams can be requested or formed by the organizers
  • Kimberley Banquet: will include a silent auction, dinner, awards, live music and dance.
  • Crowsnest Barebones events: Blairmore, Alberta, a low key event with a brand-new map allows travelers to orienteer between the two main events.
  • BBQ*: the WCOC package may include BBQ on Saturday – *This is permit dependent.
  • The registration for Sass Peepre Junior Training Camp is SEPARATE from the registration for competitions. Go to for info and link to the Sass Peepre Camp registration.